Holding Hands with Mary

I call this “Reaching out to hold the hand of Our Lady.”

A priest once told me, during a season of my life that was filled with much darkness and despair, that I should carry the rosary in my pocket at all times. Whenever I felt distressed, he said to simply reach into my pocket, clutch the rosary, and know that I was holding hands with the Blessed Mother.

It was probably one of the best pieces of advice that I ever received, and one that frequently comes to my mind.

This was especially comforting over the last few years as a healthcare worker. As the unknowns unfolded, I had my rosary in the pocket of my scrubs. A simple plastic rosary that could easily be sanitized.

Here, Little One is reaching with all of her might to grab a rosary.

I couldn’t help but snap a picture, as I envisioned in my mind that she was reaching for Mary’s hand.

Rosaries are everywhere in my life. The “Hail Mary” is the go-to prayer on my lips, as well as just saying the name of Jesus over and over.

Did you know that just saying His Holy Name (in reverence, of course) is a prayer?

We will be holding hands with Our Lady during our family rosary tonight and will be honored to pray for you all.

PS: Don’t mind the baby wipes in the pic. It’s just real life around here. 😂♥️

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