The Sacred Heart of Jesus

I love this image of the Sacred Heart. I feel as though He is looking right at me… lovingly… looking at my heart, my soul…

In His gaze, I see unconditional love for me; love beyond my comprehension; love that loves me past all of my transgressions and doubts. This love that cannot be experienced anywhere on this earth except through Him.

He is my compass. He draws me nearer and nearer still. This nearness, this unity that He desires for all of us does not come without pain or suffering.

On the contrary, it is THROUGH the pain and the suffering that we can be even more united to Him.

It seems impossible to understand, but then seems so simple.

Because it IS simple. Our fallible souls, which gravitate toward sin and earthly pleasures, complicate this relationship.

But if we take up His cross – the crosses that He gives to us… not wrapped in lovely paper, but frequently wrapped in thorns, then He is giving us a chance to participate in the most loving act ever committed on this earth –
His Passion.

We must not fool ourselves into believing that our thorns pierce deeper – that the wood on our cross digs harder into our shoulder.

Jesus suffered not only fully as man, but fully as God, so His Passion was from a place of perfection. A place without self-seeking. A place not tarnished with the sin of Adam and Eve.

It was from a place of all knowing, from the time He was swaddled in the manger to the time He gave up His Ghost.

He invites us, through our thorns, through the splinters of our crosses, to be a small part of His most perfect love.

I pray that I may make these temporary wounds or superficial scourges of mine meritorious.

With His help, I can.

Reflect on His Passion and that of His Holy Mother’s.

Blessed Passiontide, my friends. You are in my prayers, as always.

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