Embrace Hope in the Cross

There’s nothing like a fresh bouquet of tulips. They bring me such joy!

Happy Easter Monday, my friends!

I was hoping I’d arise yesterday with no anxiety, but God has other plans.

So I choose to embrace this affliction to allow me to continue to grow closer to Him.

And I will. I always do.

It is so important to remember to breathe in the beauty of life, despite the ugliness and fear that surrounds us.

Regardless of how I may feel, I choose not to dwell and wallow in it.

I choose to live in the joy of the Resurrection, while embracing the cross He gave me.

Have I tried to give it back? Yes. Many times.

But He then whispers to me, “My daughter, this is my gift to you. You will be more united to me, because of it. It is not through the easy times that we grow the most, but it is through the toughest times.”

So I will buck up, Lord.

I know without a Good Friday, there cannot be an Easter, as Ven. Fulton Sheen once said.

And yes, Easter is here, my friends. The reminder of hope and life everlasting.

So I’ll enjoy my tulips, my coffee, hugs from my babies, and focus on God’s beautiful, unconditional love.

The cross, though full of sorrow, is full of hope and redemption; and it is the most beautiful thing on this earth.

Enjoy the day! You have only one day like today! We can never get today back. Embrace the beauty in the little things, and embrace the joy of Christ, where true joy can be found.

4 thoughts on “Embrace Hope in the Cross

  1. Beautiful, Therese. GOD made us to live life joyfully. We all have crosses to bare, to work through in life and with the help of our Dear LORD JESUS, whom we get our strength from like the Bible says, “I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13. Thank you for being such a beautiful daughter to me, Mom to my grandchildren a ND wife to my son. Mom T


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