Lead By Example

No caption needed, really, but I’ll share a few words.

I’ve seen this quote many times before, but I came across it again the other night while watching a YouTube video on Catholic apologetics. It couldn’t ring more true.

It is a great tragedy that centuries of heresy or the acts of fallible men who have been looked up to have cast a dark shadow on Christ’s Church. Christ, of course, knew all and continued on to the crucifixion as the spotless Lamb to fulfill the New Covenant, despite the fact that man would continue to choose evil over good.

This does not exclude us. We are all sinners. We will continue to sin until we leave this earth permanently due to the albatross of original sin. Nevertheless, we can strive to do good. We can be better examples. Our Church leaders clear up to the pope have grave responsibilities to Jesus’ Church, and must represent Christ and His mission as best as possible.

This quote of Sheen does not apply only to the those who have spread heresy against the Church, but it applies to all of us Catholics. We are called, as Catholics, to represent His Church and to be good examples.

Sadly, we have had many scandals and heresies on our own land and within our own Catholic Church.

Let us do our best to represent Holy Mother the Church. Pray often. Sacrifice often. Lead by example. Lead by example. Lead by example. Myself, included.

Praying for you all.

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