Impromptu Bouquet

I hope I never get tired of these little impromptu bouquets of wildflowers and white clover nestled in empty baby bottles.

Yesterday was a harder day for me than it had been in a while, and without any prompting, my daughter skipped outside to check the mail, bringing me in a fresh bouquet of this sweet smelling clover. The go-to vases are easily within reach – empty baby bottles drying out on the bottle rack. She added more flowers later on her second trip to check the mail.

No, it isn’t a bouquet of roses, and the vase is far from chic, but to me, it is beautiful and an expression of the greatest, unconditional love.

When I saw it again this morning, it brought me such joy, and I wanted to share it with you.

And yes, I did drink in the honey-like fragrance.

Remember to find beauty in each day and thank God for it. Always thank Him for it.

One thought on “Impromptu Bouquet

  1. Those bouquets from the heart given freely from GOD and delivered with such love and thoughts are the best. GOD gives us all endless gifts each day. Therese, your exactly right, we need to recognize these gifts, and thank GOD for them. Speaking of gifts, your one of mine, Therese and all the beautiful gifts you helped bring into this world, my grandchildren. I Love you.


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