Trying Our Best

Liturgical living and Catholic LIVING at its finest.

We aren’t the perfect family.

I grumble a lot. I scream more than I should. Sometimes I cuss out loud (nothing on the scale of mega horrific, but a leftover imperfection from a less than desirable life in the past).

We are messy. We are loud. We are unapologetically ourselves whether that is accepted or not.

We love hard and without reserve.

Our homeschooling is not on the perfect schedule.

Sometimes we are rushing and sneaking in a few minutes late to Mass… because someone lost a shoe, or a diaper came loose, or someone was pinching someone else in our car that is tightly packed with six little bodies and two parents who try their best.

We have towering baskets of laundry, crumbs on the floor, and smears all over our windows.

We have dandelions and grass that hasn’t been mowed at times.

Many of our walls have been drawn on with crayons and markers. My mirrors frequently have water drips on them. Our house is permanently under construction.

We are sometimes falling asleep during our evening rosary, because we can’t seem to keep to a schedule. But we say it every night. Regardless.

We talk about God and our faith – every day.

We live our faith. We love God. We love being Catholic.

I doubt my abilities as a mom at times, and then I quickly brush those insecurities away, as I know the evil one preys on them.

If you think for one minute that I don’t worry that my kids will end up on Oprah some day telling her and me what a terrible mom I was, you are wrong. But the fact is, I do try my best. Could I do better? Most definitely.

We have honest conversations here. We talk to the kids about our imperfections and tell them we are trying.

We teach them to know, love, and serve God. Every day.

So when I see these beautiful pieces created from LEGOS from their own minds out of love for our faith, my heart rejoices.

This cross, this bust of Our Lord, this Sacred Heart with a flame!! All from their precious minds. These LEGO ideas won’t be found in their LEGO creation books.

No. These were inspired by the Holy Ghost. They are precious. They are an indicator that maybe we are doing something right.

4 thoughts on “Trying Our Best

  1. Well said, Therese. Treasure these little unexpected gifts from the kids, done with great love for our dear LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. Keep them in your your heart and pull them out to reflect on when when life sends a difficult day your way. Priceless treasures just like your children are. True gifts from GOD.

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  2. These are truly special and inspired fruits that you and Mike have facilitated with all your hard work teaching them Our Holy Faith and bringing them to the sacraments. Enjoy these innocent souls that love so much.

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  3. I think God asks us to get up every morning and just try to be better then yesterday, to be kind and make someone feel better each day, and to love him with our whole heart. A lot of days for me that means criticizing a little less, one less cross word, and a compliment. I just don’t have the energy to feed thousands of people. But I do have the energy to praise him, thank him, love him. I’ll except the body he gave me and trust in him to feed those thousand. You are doing an amazing job!!!! Love the Lego creations!!!


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